work & cars…

yep. work continues to be “busy.” i’ve been pulling full-time hours for about a month now. big change after so many 20-28 hour work weeks. but it’s good for me. and for our bank account! we’re still debating about one more “BIG” trip somewhere. i think our two dream vacations are totally out of our budget. a cruise to antartica was WAY WAY WAY out of our budget. and new zealand is most likely our of our price range. so we’re not really sure where to plan to go next. and now, after driving Bob’s Nissan 350Z for the weekend, Dave wants to “upgrade” our Subaru. leather seats. added suspension and handling and i don’t even know what else. yeah. he wants to load it up so it “handles better.” i’d rather go on a trip somewhere, of course, but we’re both severely lacking in the accrued vacation-time category, so i guess i can’t really complain too loudly!

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