weekend update #2

i love that when i’ve got some scrappin’ mojo going i really don’t care if the house is immaculate. yep. you heard me. i mean, i cleaned the kitchen this a.m. before scrapping, but i haven’t dusted or vacuumed or anything else like that and we’re having a party on monday. where – oh where – did the organizational neat-freak go? has she spontaneously combusted? did she die a slow death during 4-years of marriage? is she just lying dormant right now? i still like my home to be clutter-free… don’t get me wrong…. but the whole “clean” thing -well, i guess i’m “over” that!

dave is home. he’s got his boss’ car this weekend. a sweet nissan Z3 (i think? i’ll correct this later if i’m wrong). it’s alittle silver bullet and we both LOVE it. why is he driving his boss’ car? yeah. i don’t really know that one either. but i’m not arguing. it’s a SWEET RIDE! we’re currently wondering how soon we could ask Bob (the boss) when we can buy it from him. it’s only a 2-seater, but it’s WORTH IT! :) we stopped by the hardware store today and then the grocery store. then at dave’s parents’ house. dave was smirking like crazy and his mom thought we had “news” to share. she was pretty mad at dave when it turned out to be the car and not a baby!! :) tee hee! we haven’t done that to them in awhile (bought our last car in october 2003 and i think his mom (and my mom) thought we were gonna announce a baby then, too)…. maybe we should keep this up for awhile…. make it some kind of “is it a baby or a car?” game. tee hee.

okay. so that would be too cruel. off i go… time to watch last season of Desperate Housewives… gotta “get through” all the DVDs before the new season starts. though the one we REALLY want to see is LOST!!!!

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