weekend update #1

"babysitting" today was fun. a little challenging for me (i HATED to babysit as a form of cash flow so i RARELY did it) but good. emma and i went for a LONG walk. mommy suggested the walk to help emma fall asleep but warned me that she would wake up if i stopped walking. so it took 20 min. of walking just to get the little darling to sleep. so i took a really long walk wandering my way around town – walking in circles, as needed, to "keep going" and by the time we got home, i’d been walking for 75 minutes and emma slept for about 35 minutes! but we had fun, even though that wore me out! we did dance a bit to the music on the radio both before and after naptime. yep. that almost10-month old loves music and moving!!

i started (and finished) another mini-book tonight (i know – i’m crazy). I posted it on twopeas and i LOVE it. it was (once again) so fun! it just fell together.

it’s late, but i’m not tired, so i think i’ll go watch the movie
i rented (Glory Road) and hopefully fall asleep. i find it hard to fall asleep when dave’s not home. every little noise bugs me. once i’m asleep, i’m asleep – it’s just the FALLING asleep that’s hard for me!! 

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