weekend fun

i had honestly forgotten HOW MUCH FUN IT CAN BE when you get together with a few other couples to hang out. seriously. how could i forget that? yesterday we went up to Harrison Hot Springs (in Canada) with three other couples to view the sand sculptures. It’s apparently this HUGE contest that’s very… um… what’s the word… they only let the BEST sand scuptors in the WORLD enter these contests…. anyway… these things were AMAZING! dave’s not home right now, so i can’t post any photos (i STILL don’t know how) but we’re talking majorly impressive. things standing 6-8 feet tall. intricate details carved into them. amazing. seriously amazing. and it was a lot of fun to hang out with friends – as couples. I guess so many of our friends have had babies lately that it’s been hard to hang out with friends and have conversations that don’t revolve around baby foods, diapers, formula, etc. All that stuff has it’s place, for sure, but it was nice to be reminded what life was like "before kids" entered the scene. That said, I should share that Henry, 5 months, did join our gathering yesterday. And with the exception of some time "stuck" in his car seat while we were driving, he did really well.

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