the weekend

the wedding went well. it was a bit unorganized (though that didn’t surprise us) but it was not the most unorganized wedding we’ve ever been to! :) photos went well, though we waited for almost 90 minutes before anyone was ready to have their photo taken. sigh. but photos were finished in PLENTY of time before the wedding, despite the late start. it helped that it was a smaller wedding with a LOT LESS family. we haven’t looked at the photos yet, but it was good to get home on saturday night.

tonight (on our way home from work) we’ll stop at blockbuster to rent disc FIVE of LOST. yep. we’re addicted. hopefully we can watch disc 5 tonight and disc 6 tomorrow and then we’ll be ready for the season three premier early next month!

and yesterday i learned that jillian broke up with my brother-in-law jeff. too bad. i really liked her…. until she broke up with jeff. i really don’t want to get in the middle of the situation since i only know one side of the story, but i must say: “when you mess with my family, you mess with me.” and it’ll take a lot for jillian to get back into my good graces. NO ONE hurts my family!! and now – it’s back to work for me. another two hours, i think, unless i can convince dave to cut out early again! :)

oh yeah – and i FINISHED my brother’s birthday present on Friday (my day off). I’m SO PROUD of myself. I had hoped to do it last year for his birthday (October 5th) but it didn’t happen. My new goal now that the gift is completed: to send it for an EARLY or ON TIME arrival for his ACTUAL birthday!!!! :) Love ya, John!

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