so young….

yep. i STILL am told that on a pretty regularly basis… "wow! really? but you look so young!" yesterday i had a bunch of work meetings that required driving all around the county. at my afternoon meeting, the employer was SHOCKED to discover that I’ve been doing this work for SEVEN years now. she thought i looked like i was about 22. when i told her "i’m 31" she couldn’t believe it. yes, people. i look young. i get it. now can we move on to another topic? secretly, i just rolled my eyes at her. sigh. but i was pleasant on the outside – "yep! my whole family is blessed with the LOOKING YOUNG gene." that’s my new response to the new subtle (and not-so-subtle) inquiries about my age. good thing i have no fear or shame about sharing my age!!!  maybe motherhood would make me look older? when i look in the mirror, i already see the start of dark circles under my eyes and lots of little crinkly lines at the outside corner of my eyes. i would think that would AT LEAST date me into my mid-20s!?

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