sand sculpture photos

okay. let’s give this a whirl…. here are some photos from our recent outing this weekend with friends…. some sand sculptures up at Harrison Hotsprings (in Canada)! The first photo is of Dave and I in front of the Cirque du Sand… absolutely AMAZING detail on those giraffes behind us! The second photo (Monsters of the West) was my FAVORITE sculpture. I even asked Dave if I could bring home one of the mosters with me. Alas, he said that wasn’t allowed. I loved those little guys… SO DARN CUTE!!! Kinda remind me of that wonderful Pixar movie – Monsters Inc. I LOVE that flick… so awesome! Okay ladies and gents… look forward to more posts from me INCLUDING PHOTOS in the future!!  :)
  And we can’t forget DARLING little Henry (Tim & Carrilee’s son at 5 1/2 months) checking out SAND (possibly for the first time?). He was intrigued!  :)

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