party weekend!

We hosted yet another successful party last night. It was an end-of-summer BASH for our friends. We had 5 other couples (and two babies) arrive. We sat and talked, ate lots of food, played some games, and had some fun door prizes. I really feel that we owe our SUCCESSFUL parties to Brant & Trisha Baron. We went to their house for a New Years party and they had the BASKET ‘o JOY (aka: the basket of goodness, of coffee, etc.). Everytime a timer went off, Brant would pull an envelope from a basket and ask whatever question (or read whatever statement) was on the envelope and someone would win the $3 gift certificate to a local coffee place. it was cool. and fun. so we stole the idea from them and have run with it. yesterday, however, we wanted to do something OTHER than coffee (overkill is a bad thing, right?) so we bought some candy and i decorated them with some “wrappers” made of my scraps of scrapbooking paper (they just went on OVER the actual candy wrappers). They turned out pretty cute. but we learned that our friends have been pretty home-bound this summer! More than just the candy (or coffee) prizes, however, i think the real “winner” at each party is DAVE’s AMAZING COOKING SKILLZ. His infamous bean dip was completely gone by the end of the party. His smoked pork (chopped and topped with BBQ sauce) was a hit, as was the thinly sliced steak. Yep. went like crazy. almost no leftovers. our friends know good food, though, that’s for sure!

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