more random stuff

my teeth still hurt. what else is new?! :) at least i know i’ll stay on a “diet” this way! shhhh…. don’t tell anyone, but right now i’m sitting here at work WITHOUT my rubber bands on… i just needed a break, ya know? it’s amazing the pain those little suckers can cause!

dave is thinking that my NEW SITE could POSSIBLY be up and running THIS WEEKEND! woo hoo! he’s gotta finish up the “comments” coding (so you can respond to my posts) but he said it’s already set up for me to add photos (once the new site is up) so this’ll be fun. yippee!

i’m trying to remain CONTENT at work. right now i’m going through the routine(s) to do what i need to do on claims. i’m not just doing the bare minimum – i’m too much of a perfectionist for that, but i’m not really INTO my work, if that makes sense. tha’ts okay, though. seven years is a long time to do the same thing day in and day out. i’d rather feel the way i do right now then feel all fired up and frustrated about everything!

i’ve gotta get myself up into my scraproom – maybe tonight. we finished LOST season two. sheesh. good cliff hangers for season 3… some talented writers, that’s for sure! but hopefully i can *force* myself to my room tonight to make some cards and a layout using fabric (gotta get on track with the challenges)!

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