how could i forget this?

once again, my lower rear braces bracket POPPED off today! yep. this is the SAME one that popped off two weeks ago (not even) and was put back on last week. i was driving to a work meeting in ferndale and felt something “hard” in my gum. and then – yep – there it was. my bracket. in my chewing gum. dang it! you think i can convince the orthodontist to leave the bracket OFF?! nah. me either. ugh. i hate that gross-tasting glue stuff they use to glue the bracket onto my crowned tooth. when i called them today, they were gonna get me back in tomorrow morning or thursday, but why bother? i’m already scheduled to go back on the 12th (a week from today) and since the wire isn’t poking me, i’m just gonna wait it out. no big deal. afterall, i don’t wanna waste even MORE of my own time sitting in the waiting room and then in the ortho chair while i taste some nasty, vile glue stuff. ick. nope – i’ll put that off as long as possible, i think!! :)

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