Friday Night…

… and once again we’re not doing much. Dave got home late (like around 8:30) and is making some dinner right now. Then we’ll head upstairs to watch a movie. So much for dinner at The Loft as we had planned earlier this week.

I was entirely UNproductive today. yep. and I’m proud of it. i scrapped 4 one-page layouts (3 were Effer Dares), made 6 cards and PUT AWAY some layouts into albums (finally gave them a home)!

i guess i did tidy up the downstairs. and i started the dishwasher. and i cleaned the oven (self-cleaning). so it wasn’t a wasted day. i feel good about my RELAXING day of doing a whole lotta nothing!

tomorrow is FREE paper party in the morning and i found out that the stamp set i ordered (after they sold out of it) has arrived and I have my gift certificates to use, so i’m STILL NOT spending money on scrapping stuff!!

happy weekend to ya’ll!

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