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yep, my friends. it’s that time (FINALLY!). my LSS (local scrapbook store) has a call out for THREE (yep – only 3) new design team (DT) members. and i’m gonna give it a whirl! i’ve been in my craft room most of the afternoon working on some cards, layouts and fun projects. at first i was overwhelmed. felt defeated. uninspired. but i shook it off (after a 2-hour lunch break) and just started creating for myself rather than a store. that made it SO MUCH EASIER! i’ve made a couple of cards and a layout and am well on my way to a few more layouts. hmmm. wonder if i can convince melissa to come over here to play rather than me heading over there tonight? tee hee! when the mojo is here, it’s best to keep it flowing, ya know? i’d also like to say THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, BABI, for the AWESOME brazilian music they gave to dave for his birthday last year. they may be dave’s cds, but I LOVE THEM and have been listening to them for the last few hours. yep. over and over and over again. and since i don’t speak portuguese, it’s not "too repetitive" – not for me, at least. i know it would drive dave crazy! 

One thought on “design team call

  1. Best of luck Tam! You would so rock that DT. It was such a blast to be a part of it- I know you would love it too! I love the look of the site. You did a great job on your design- you should clue the TOM team to check it out as well. Let me know how it goes- I’d love to see what you submit!

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