Dave and I went out for dinner this evening and had a great time. We talked a lot and had some really good conversation. It’s amazing how LITTLE a couple can communicate in the midst of being tired, working full time and just being BUSY with life. We don’t even have kids to “distract” us from communicating. But tonight we were out of the house, the restaurant was a little on the quiet and slow side and we just kept talking. It was wonderful.

Should I add that this great evening followed a great afternoon where we had some (very) unexpected SUNSHINE so we went for a bike ride at Berthusen Park? Yep. Lots of fun. My second time (ever) riding my bike “off-road.” Dave’s hoping that by next spring I’ll be ready, willing and able to ride some of the easier trails at Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham – where the BIG KIDS get to ride! :) we’ll see.

and stay tuned. we MIGHT have a NEW LOOK for this website before the end of the weekend!! :)

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