Monthly Archives: September 2006

sand sculpture photos

okay. let’s give this a whirl…. here are some photos from our recent outing this weekend with friends…. some sand sculptures up at Harrison Hotsprings (in Canada)! The first photo is of Dave and I in front of the Cirque du Sand… absolutely AMAZING detail on those giraffes behind us! The second photo (Monsters of the West) was my FAVORITE sculpture. I even asked Dave if I could bring home one of the mosters with me. Alas, he said that wasn’t allowed. I loved those little guys… SO DARN CUTE!!! Kinda remind me of that wonderful Pixar movie – Monsters Inc. I LOVE that flick… so awesome! Okay ladies and gents… look forward to more posts from me INCLUDING PHOTOS in the future!!  :)
  And we can’t forget DARLING little Henry (Tim & Carrilee’s son at 5 1/2 months) checking out SAND (possibly for the first time?). He was intrigued!  :)

weekend fun

i had honestly forgotten HOW MUCH FUN IT CAN BE when you get together with a few other couples to hang out. seriously. how could i forget that? yesterday we went up to Harrison Hot Springs (in Canada) with three other couples to view the sand sculptures. It’s apparently this HUGE contest that’s very… um… what’s the word… they only let the BEST sand scuptors in the WORLD enter these contests…. anyway… these things were AMAZING! dave’s not home right now, so i can’t post any photos (i STILL don’t know how) but we’re talking majorly impressive. things standing 6-8 feet tall. intricate details carved into them. amazing. seriously amazing. and it was a lot of fun to hang out with friends – as couples. I guess so many of our friends have had babies lately that it’s been hard to hang out with friends and have conversations that don’t revolve around baby foods, diapers, formula, etc. All that stuff has it’s place, for sure, but it was nice to be reminded what life was like "before kids" entered the scene. That said, I should share that Henry, 5 months, did join our gathering yesterday. And with the exception of some time "stuck" in his car seat while we were driving, he did really well.

design team call

yep, my friends. it’s that time (FINALLY!). my LSS (local scrapbook store) has a call out for THREE (yep – only 3) new design team (DT) members. and i’m gonna give it a whirl! i’ve been in my craft room most of the afternoon working on some cards, layouts and fun projects. at first i was overwhelmed. felt defeated. uninspired. but i shook it off (after a 2-hour lunch break) and just started creating for myself rather than a store. that made it SO MUCH EASIER! i’ve made a couple of cards and a layout and am well on my way to a few more layouts. hmmm. wonder if i can convince melissa to come over here to play rather than me heading over there tonight? tee hee! when the mojo is here, it’s best to keep it flowing, ya know? i’d also like to say THANK YOU to my sister-in-law, BABI, for the AWESOME brazilian music they gave to dave for his birthday last year. they may be dave’s cds, but I LOVE THEM and have been listening to them for the last few hours. yep. over and over and over again. and since i don’t speak portuguese, it’s not "too repetitive" – not for me, at least. i know it would drive dave crazy! 

so young….

yep. i STILL am told that on a pretty regularly basis… "wow! really? but you look so young!" yesterday i had a bunch of work meetings that required driving all around the county. at my afternoon meeting, the employer was SHOCKED to discover that I’ve been doing this work for SEVEN years now. she thought i looked like i was about 22. when i told her "i’m 31" she couldn’t believe it. yes, people. i look young. i get it. now can we move on to another topic? secretly, i just rolled my eyes at her. sigh. but i was pleasant on the outside – "yep! my whole family is blessed with the LOOKING YOUNG gene." that’s my new response to the new subtle (and not-so-subtle) inquiries about my age. good thing i have no fear or shame about sharing my age!!!  maybe motherhood would make me look older? when i look in the mirror, i already see the start of dark circles under my eyes and lots of little crinkly lines at the outside corner of my eyes. i would think that would AT LEAST date me into my mid-20s!?


Dave and I went out for dinner this evening and had a great time. We talked a lot and had some really good conversation. It’s amazing how LITTLE a couple can communicate in the midst of being tired, working full time and just being BUSY with life. We don’t even have kids to “distract” us from communicating. But tonight we were out of the house, the restaurant was a little on the quiet and slow side and we just kept talking. It was wonderful.

Should I add that this great evening followed a great afternoon where we had some (very) unexpected SUNSHINE so we went for a bike ride at Berthusen Park? Yep. Lots of fun. My second time (ever) riding my bike “off-road.” Dave’s hoping that by next spring I’ll be ready, willing and able to ride some of the easier trails at Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham – where the BIG KIDS get to ride! :) we’ll see.

and stay tuned. we MIGHT have a NEW LOOK for this website before the end of the weekend!! :)

Friday Night…

… and once again we’re not doing much. Dave got home late (like around 8:30) and is making some dinner right now. Then we’ll head upstairs to watch a movie. So much for dinner at The Loft as we had planned earlier this week.

I was entirely UNproductive today. yep. and I’m proud of it. i scrapped 4 one-page layouts (3 were Effer Dares), made 6 cards and PUT AWAY some layouts into albums (finally gave them a home)!

i guess i did tidy up the downstairs. and i started the dishwasher. and i cleaned the oven (self-cleaning). so it wasn’t a wasted day. i feel good about my RELAXING day of doing a whole lotta nothing!

tomorrow is FREE paper party in the morning and i found out that the stamp set i ordered (after they sold out of it) has arrived and I have my gift certificates to use, so i’m STILL NOT spending money on scrapping stuff!!

happy weekend to ya’ll!


yep. that’s me. i’m a slacker. i didn’t *drag* myself upstairs last night to my craft room. instead i lounged around. watched TV. sat in the hot tub. and relaxed. i think now that we’ve got COLD and RAINY weather it makes me want to curl up in a ball and hibernate. tonight i have my Bible study (Precept – Romans part 2) so I won’t be able to curl up with a blanket and a magazine (or the TV) tonight, but that’s okay. i’ll be doing something worthwhile with eternal value! :)