uh oh x2

caught a ride home tonight (’cause wanted to stay in b’ham to hang out with some friends) and on the ride home, as jim and i were talking, i was eating apple chips… one of my new favorite snacks. but something "felt" wrong. and i checked in the mirror and sure enough, something was awfully wrong. my lower wire was poking me in the mouth (cheek). yep. sticking out – it must have pulled out of the bracket, though i’m not sure how. but upon closer inspection, i learned that it got worse. much much worse. my back lower bracket popped off. of my back tooth. yep. popped. gone. swallowed. long gone. sigh. 

so i’ve got a call in to my orthodontist (who doesn’t have office hours on fridays, saturdays or sundays) but it’s highly likely that this situation will "stick around" until monday.

great story, huh?

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