trying for family addictions

yep. i’d LOVE to make this scrapbooking thing a family affair. i don’t really forsee it happening – not on a regular basis, at least, but tomorrow night my brother in law (jeff) is heading over to make a gift for his girlfriend. and on friday i’m going shopping with my sister in law (rachel) to get some stuff so she can work on her spain photos. and then we may get to play a bit! :)

AND tonight i was able to pick up my new photos from costco. the photo center "went down" on saturday so i’ve been waiting awhile for my latest photos… and today they were ready and ALL BECAUSE a wonderful lady went into costco at FOUR A.M. to get all of the back-ordered photos printed. bless her heart. i want to hug her – she understands how important my photos are and for that, i value her!

oh yeah… and shawn, my dear friend, is in arizona this week visitng her family and I MISS HER. i usually get several e-mail messages each day from her. sigh. my workday seems lonely without her little updates!! :)

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