so weak. sorta

went to paper party yesterday morning with some friends. had a great time (though PP was a bit intensive and required concentration yesterday – not as easy-goingrelaxing as usual) and spent some money at TOM. but i only bought things that were on my "i’m going to purchase list" before i started my personal challenge. so in that regard, i did well. i did spend $40 on adhesives at Joanns (it was 40% off and i KNOW i’ll use it). so today while dave is biking i’m PLAYING  SOME MORE… trying to use more of my stash and supplies. one LO at a time, right?

and for your curious people (thaniks to Shawn for reminding me), I have uploaded several LOs to my twopeas gallery if you’re interested in taking a peek. I’m still thinking about a name change on twopeas but haven’t made any drastic moves yet! i’ve been "hoarding" my LOs in the hopes of submitting and publishing, but for now, i’ve changed my game plan. i’m posting. if magazines and contests don’t like that, tough beans! besides. i have plenty of photos to play with for various challenges and contests and things, right? i think it’d be IMPOSSIBLE to run out of photos in our household!

and the chocolate mousse DID turn out (needs some freezer time to set) and dessert was MOST EXCELLENT (brownie topped with chocolate mousse topped with shaved chocolate bar topped with cool whip and more chocolate bar shavings). it’s what i call CHOCOLATE HEAVEN…. and i do NOT consider myself to be a choc-o-holic. but it was most excellent. Thanks to Brent and Lisa (and Dylan and Sawyer, their adorable little girls) for joining us for a (brief) dinner and dessert moment last night!

k. back to the scraproom!

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