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at a wedding last night. i was amazed at how "distanced" i was from the whole event. i was just a guest. didn’t know the couple very well. but it amazed me to think back on our wedding day 4 years ago and remember all the frenzy of activity, the stress, the decisions, the lists of things to do…. and to realize that this time, all i did was sit back and enjoy. i felt none of the stress. none of the pressure. none of the tension that goes along with a wedding. i’m sure i’ve felt this in recent years at other weddings, but this one, i think, is the first one where i REALIZED how unimportant the DAY…. the EVENT…. really is in the grand scheme of life, especially marriage. now that said, it was a beautiful wedding and i’m not wedding bashing at all. for me, i’m glad i had those days – weeks (months?) of stress leading up to THE BIG DAY. why? because it really sticks out in my mind. not just the ceremony, but the VOWS. the COVENANT i made with Dave and God that day. had i not had an actual wedding "event" i know that my vows would still mean something and they would still be important to me, but i wonder how much of the ACTUAL MOMENTS where I SAID MY VOWS TO DAVE would i remember? i think the vows and rings are etched into my memory. hopefully forever. for those were among the best moments of my life.

thanks for listening to my rambles. i guess between the wedding and making a 4th anniversary mini-album this morning i’m a bit on the "emotional" side regarding marriage, love and committment!

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