finally the weekend

it’s been a rough week here, friends. esp. the past two days at work. i guess i can’t complain too much b/c i haven’t had an awful day/week like that in a long long time. so i guess i was "overdue." but i’m glad it’s over and i’m ready to have fun this weekend.

our plans? dave’s doing a few things with "the guys" so that means i can craft to my heart’s content (and maybe stop by the mall to find a new shirt or something?). i may even stop at blockbuster and pick up a (gasp!) chick flick!!! and we’re gonna have a party on Monday. yippee! so many good things to look forward to.

tomorrow morning the fun begins, however, when i get to BABYSIT for darling "little" emma for about 3 hours. i’m SO EXCITED. and totally terrified. okay. not really terrified. but i’m praying she sleeps well tonight so she’ll be happy tomorrow!

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