yep. spent TWO HOURS this evening cleaning my scraproom. i didn’t even realize it was THAT bad! i filed stuff. organized it. got a new system down for myself. still have some more stuff to put away in it’s proper home, but pretty happy with the progress i made this evening. i’m really looking forward to USING UP LOTS of my stash. so if anyone wants to come over and play and use my stuff, PLEASE HELP ME USE IT UP! i want to feel FREE to be CREATIVE with LESS. yep. that’s my mantra. but i don’t want to just give it all away. some come over, spend a few hours in my room with me and use my stuff (embellishments, especially – flower, ribbons, gizmos and gadgets and what-nots abound)!

dave’s busy with gottathink work right now, so the new site for this blog is ON HOLD and there’s no "projected" date for when it will be up and running. sorry to get your hopes up. but if you were excited, imagine how excited I was getting!! oh well. that’s the price i pay for having a computer-geek for a husband! i love him anyway!

so i had hoped to scrap tonight but i actually feel like i’ll be able to sit down and get MORE stuff accomplished now that (most) things have been put away in their proper home. i feel like i can actually FIND things now (like the little kenya index print photos i thought i lost this morning – yeah… i threw a temper tantrum – an adult version, but it still involved feet stomping, esp. on the stairs, door slamming… yeah…. not a good thing). and hopefully the CLUTTER has been cleared from the air so i can CREATE beautiful pages tomorrow evening!

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