bunny hops

yep. bunny hops. do you know what those mean in our home? it’s a biking term. dave and i pulled out our bikes the other day and rode around in our neighborhood. he wanted to build some jumps out of the various dirt mounds on the different construction sites near our home. he wasn’t able to do that, but he did try riding on some of the dirt piles – a bit too soft. he sunk. it was kinda funny! but on this "adventure" i learned that a BUNNY HOP is when you can "hop" your bike by getting BOTH tires/wheels off the ground. yep. dave can do it quite effortlessly. me? um… i was able to get my front wheel off the ground (with LOTS of effort) but not by more than 5 or 6 inches (and those were my BEST efforts). yep. i tend to think we have two wheels on a bike for a reason – we need BOTH of them to stick to the ground! hee hee! then last night dave wanted to return to one of the local "construction" sites to try some jumping but wooden forms were already added and that likely meant nails in the dirt – not a good combination with bike tires. so instead he tooled around and found some jumps in the back lot(s) at the KOA in town and when he came home, he RODE ON OUR DECK. yep. up the stairs and off the edge and SMACK into the neighbor’s house. okay. so that was dramatic. it was only his hand (i think) that smacked into the neighbor’s house (thankfully it’s the neighbors we know and like) but he felt bad because he thinks he woke them up. oops! i’ll stick to riding with BOTH wheels on the ground, thank you very much. i hope dave never turns into a real dare devil…. not sure i could handle that stress!!  :)

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