Monthly Archives: August 2006

finally the weekend

it’s been a rough week here, friends. esp. the past two days at work. i guess i can’t complain too much b/c i haven’t had an awful day/week like that in a long long time. so i guess i was "overdue." but i’m glad it’s over and i’m ready to have fun this weekend.

our plans? dave’s doing a few things with "the guys" so that means i can craft to my heart’s content (and maybe stop by the mall to find a new shirt or something?). i may even stop at blockbuster and pick up a (gasp!) chick flick!!! and we’re gonna have a party on Monday. yippee! so many good things to look forward to.

tomorrow morning the fun begins, however, when i get to BABYSIT for darling "little" emma for about 3 hours. i’m SO EXCITED. and totally terrified. okay. not really terrified. but i’m praying she sleeps well tonight so she’ll be happy tomorrow!

what do you do?

what do you do when you’re at work and you have to stay there (can’t leave yet) but you’ve "hit the wall" with regard to functioning and productivity? your "work," by the way, can include your home (so homemakers, stay at home wives and stay at home moms can answer this question too). i’m just wondering b/c i tend to "hit the wall" a lot at work and i get tired of surfing the web, reading message boards, checking (and sending) e-mail messages, etc. so what are some other suggestions?

random thoughts

at a wedding last night. i was amazed at how "distanced" i was from the whole event. i was just a guest. didn’t know the couple very well. but it amazed me to think back on our wedding day 4 years ago and remember all the frenzy of activity, the stress, the decisions, the lists of things to do…. and to realize that this time, all i did was sit back and enjoy. i felt none of the stress. none of the pressure. none of the tension that goes along with a wedding. i’m sure i’ve felt this in recent years at other weddings, but this one, i think, is the first one where i REALIZED how unimportant the DAY…. the EVENT…. really is in the grand scheme of life, especially marriage. now that said, it was a beautiful wedding and i’m not wedding bashing at all. for me, i’m glad i had those days – weeks (months?) of stress leading up to THE BIG DAY. why? because it really sticks out in my mind. not just the ceremony, but the VOWS. the COVENANT i made with Dave and God that day. had i not had an actual wedding "event" i know that my vows would still mean something and they would still be important to me, but i wonder how much of the ACTUAL MOMENTS where I SAID MY VOWS TO DAVE would i remember? i think the vows and rings are etched into my memory. hopefully forever. for those were among the best moments of my life.

thanks for listening to my rambles. i guess between the wedding and making a 4th anniversary mini-album this morning i’m a bit on the "emotional" side regarding marriage, love and committment!

uh oh x2

caught a ride home tonight (’cause wanted to stay in b’ham to hang out with some friends) and on the ride home, as jim and i were talking, i was eating apple chips… one of my new favorite snacks. but something "felt" wrong. and i checked in the mirror and sure enough, something was awfully wrong. my lower wire was poking me in the mouth (cheek). yep. sticking out – it must have pulled out of the bracket, though i’m not sure how. but upon closer inspection, i learned that it got worse. much much worse. my back lower bracket popped off. of my back tooth. yep. popped. gone. swallowed. long gone. sigh. 

so i’ve got a call in to my orthodontist (who doesn’t have office hours on fridays, saturdays or sundays) but it’s highly likely that this situation will "stick around" until monday.

great story, huh?


i LOVE those three words: "paid in full." Today we received a letter (dated 8/18/06" and I’m going to scrapbook this letter b/c it’s AWESOME… so FREEING. here’s the letter:

"Dear Tamara L. Dunkin,
Congratulations! This is your official notification that you have completely paid off the student loans started (*) below.
We are pleased to have had you as a customer and wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank you!
Cusotmer Service"

And then all THREE of my loans were started as PAID IN FULL. WOO…. HOO!!!  rejoice with me, please!!  :)

bunny hops

yep. bunny hops. do you know what those mean in our home? it’s a biking term. dave and i pulled out our bikes the other day and rode around in our neighborhood. he wanted to build some jumps out of the various dirt mounds on the different construction sites near our home. he wasn’t able to do that, but he did try riding on some of the dirt piles – a bit too soft. he sunk. it was kinda funny! but on this "adventure" i learned that a BUNNY HOP is when you can "hop" your bike by getting BOTH tires/wheels off the ground. yep. dave can do it quite effortlessly. me? um… i was able to get my front wheel off the ground (with LOTS of effort) but not by more than 5 or 6 inches (and those were my BEST efforts). yep. i tend to think we have two wheels on a bike for a reason – we need BOTH of them to stick to the ground! hee hee! then last night dave wanted to return to one of the local "construction" sites to try some jumping but wooden forms were already added and that likely meant nails in the dirt – not a good combination with bike tires. so instead he tooled around and found some jumps in the back lot(s) at the KOA in town and when he came home, he RODE ON OUR DECK. yep. up the stairs and off the edge and SMACK into the neighbor’s house. okay. so that was dramatic. it was only his hand (i think) that smacked into the neighbor’s house (thankfully it’s the neighbors we know and like) but he felt bad because he thinks he woke them up. oops! i’ll stick to riding with BOTH wheels on the ground, thank you very much. i hope dave never turns into a real dare devil…. not sure i could handle that stress!!  :)

trying for family addictions

yep. i’d LOVE to make this scrapbooking thing a family affair. i don’t really forsee it happening – not on a regular basis, at least, but tomorrow night my brother in law (jeff) is heading over to make a gift for his girlfriend. and on friday i’m going shopping with my sister in law (rachel) to get some stuff so she can work on her spain photos. and then we may get to play a bit! :)

AND tonight i was able to pick up my new photos from costco. the photo center "went down" on saturday so i’ve been waiting awhile for my latest photos… and today they were ready and ALL BECAUSE a wonderful lady went into costco at FOUR A.M. to get all of the back-ordered photos printed. bless her heart. i want to hug her – she understands how important my photos are and for that, i value her!

oh yeah… and shawn, my dear friend, is in arizona this week visitng her family and I MISS HER. i usually get several e-mail messages each day from her. sigh. my workday seems lonely without her little updates!! :)


yep. spent TWO HOURS this evening cleaning my scraproom. i didn’t even realize it was THAT bad! i filed stuff. organized it. got a new system down for myself. still have some more stuff to put away in it’s proper home, but pretty happy with the progress i made this evening. i’m really looking forward to USING UP LOTS of my stash. so if anyone wants to come over and play and use my stuff, PLEASE HELP ME USE IT UP! i want to feel FREE to be CREATIVE with LESS. yep. that’s my mantra. but i don’t want to just give it all away. some come over, spend a few hours in my room with me and use my stuff (embellishments, especially – flower, ribbons, gizmos and gadgets and what-nots abound)!

dave’s busy with gottathink work right now, so the new site for this blog is ON HOLD and there’s no "projected" date for when it will be up and running. sorry to get your hopes up. but if you were excited, imagine how excited I was getting!! oh well. that’s the price i pay for having a computer-geek for a husband! i love him anyway!

so i had hoped to scrap tonight but i actually feel like i’ll be able to sit down and get MORE stuff accomplished now that (most) things have been put away in their proper home. i feel like i can actually FIND things now (like the little kenya index print photos i thought i lost this morning – yeah… i threw a temper tantrum – an adult version, but it still involved feet stomping, esp. on the stairs, door slamming… yeah…. not a good thing). and hopefully the CLUTTER has been cleared from the air so i can CREATE beautiful pages tomorrow evening!

so weak. sorta

went to paper party yesterday morning with some friends. had a great time (though PP was a bit intensive and required concentration yesterday – not as easy-goingrelaxing as usual) and spent some money at TOM. but i only bought things that were on my "i’m going to purchase list" before i started my personal challenge. so in that regard, i did well. i did spend $40 on adhesives at Joanns (it was 40% off and i KNOW i’ll use it). so today while dave is biking i’m PLAYING  SOME MORE… trying to use more of my stash and supplies. one LO at a time, right?

and for your curious people (thaniks to Shawn for reminding me), I have uploaded several LOs to my twopeas gallery if you’re interested in taking a peek. I’m still thinking about a name change on twopeas but haven’t made any drastic moves yet! i’ve been "hoarding" my LOs in the hopes of submitting and publishing, but for now, i’ve changed my game plan. i’m posting. if magazines and contests don’t like that, tough beans! besides. i have plenty of photos to play with for various challenges and contests and things, right? i think it’d be IMPOSSIBLE to run out of photos in our household!

and the chocolate mousse DID turn out (needs some freezer time to set) and dessert was MOST EXCELLENT (brownie topped with chocolate mousse topped with shaved chocolate bar topped with cool whip and more chocolate bar shavings). it’s what i call CHOCOLATE HEAVEN…. and i do NOT consider myself to be a choc-o-holic. but it was most excellent. Thanks to Brent and Lisa (and Dylan and Sawyer, their adorable little girls) for joining us for a (brief) dinner and dessert moment last night!

k. back to the scraproom!

sooner rather than later?

yep. dave has a full one-page prototype completed of the new TTB site! yippee! it looks AWESOME – better than i had even imagined! we’ll start simple and slowly add more "pages" as the need arises. i will be able to add PHOTOS to my blog. yep. all kinds of good and exciting things coming this way…. and probably SOONER than the end of september! at least, that’s what dave thinks right now.

and thanks to elizabeth and shawn for their encouraging words on my total "doofus" moments regarding dave’s birthday!!  :)